Basseterre is the capital city of Saint Kitts and Nevis.Robert L Bradshaw International (IATA: SKB) is the main Airport on St. Kitts.As depicted by the photo on the right, a large pier supports visiting cruise ships. Their passengers can walk directly through the “duty free” shopping area (noted in “Buy” below), and onward to the central downtown.There are many ways to get around BasseterrePublic Buses have green license plates with the registration identifier starting with the letter H. The 5 main bus routes on St. Kitts Are:When a cruise ship visits, dozens of taxis and cars-for-hire can be seen flanking the duty-free mall near the cruise terminals…many with “brokers” in the mall ready to greet you and negotiate costs. Others serve the airport and key resorts, or can be called by phone.Bicycle Rental, Cayon St. (near Church St.), Tel: 466-3912/466-4257/663-4154, US$ 15.00 per dayThe city has a decent selection of small stores on its several primary streets. They offer restaurants, souvenirs, jewelers and native crafts, plus nearly everything needed for daily life by its citizens and visitors.Among other crafts, the island produces and offers high-quality batik, in the form of cloth, clothing, and numerous kinds of home decorations and accessories.In the past several years, the waterfront has been filled in to create a sizeable, duty-free, open-air shopping mall catering primarily to visitors. As of Fall 2009, most of the many storefronts were occupied by a good range of merchants, with more being built, but not rapidly. Many prices seen (Spring 2011) were competitive with many other island cruise ports. Virtually all merchants accept U.S. currency. To give you duty-free rates, merchants often ask for something that indicates you are not a resident, such as a cruise card, driver’s license, or passport.Main Resort area is in Frigate Bay

Airport: SKB Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport Cities in Rwanda

Country: Saint Kitts And Nevis