Bangui is the capital of the Central African Republic. Bangui lies on the northern banks of the Ubangi River just below a series of rapids that limit major commercial shipping farther upriver, on the southern border. The navigable Ubangi River turns sharply south below Bangui and connects to the Congo River just south of the Equator near Brazzaville as its chief northern tributary. The river marks the border between the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The Congolese town of Zongo sits opposite the river from Bangui.The Central African Republic is situated just north of the Equator and consequently throughout the year daily high temperatures rarely fall below 30oC. The rainy season lasts from May until October. Bangui, being in the south of the country and thus closest to the Equator, is slightly hotter and wetter than the northern parts of the country.Bangui M’Poko International Airport (BGF) is the airport serving Bangui. It is located 7km (4 miles) northwest of Bangui. In 2004, the airport served 53,862 passengers.There are flights to Casablanca (three times a week), Cotonou, Douala, Entebbe, Lomí, Nairobi, Paris (twice a week) and Yaoundí.Visas are required for all European (and probably most other) travellers, and should be obtained before arrival.The arrival procedure is a bit long, requiring at least two queues to get all necessary visa stamps. A government official with a video camera and a tripod films all passengers entering the the terminal. Exit from the arrival hall is through “Things To Declare”, with customs officers picking out passengers randomly for baggage check. Security guards check the luggage tags on the way out.Be careful for pickpockets outside the terminal building, including people claiming to provide assistance.The city centre lies near the river and features a large triumphal arch dedicated to Bokassa, the Presidential Palace and the central market. Lying 5 km further north, the heart of the residential area has the largest market and most nightlife. North of the city lie rolling hills.Buy beautiful wood carvings, but do not be tempted to buy rare African Grey parrots that are being traded illegally in the town. You will be arrested if you do.The city has a community of French expats, which translates into one of the best ice cream parlours in Africa

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