Travel to Algiers in Algeria. Algiers is the capital of Algeria. Algiers is located on a bay of the Mediterranean Sea and is an important port in Africa. Algiers was first settled over 1000 years ago and has now grown to a large city with a metropolitan population of over 3 million. Algiers has also been marred by violence in the past decade. Algiers residents speak Berber, Arabic and French.The US State Department warns against travel to certain parts of the country. In Algiers, most of the interesting sights are in the old part of the city known as the Casbah or Medina. The travelers that do make it to Algiers are impressed with the very friendly and hospitable people. The old French buildings, the promenade along the seafront and the food also get good ratings. Algiers has one of the most pleasant climates in Africa thanks to its position in the Mediterranean. Winters are actually quite cool for coastal North African standards since the 24-hour average in January is 11 Celcius (52Farenheit).

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Country: Algeria