Probably the only way to visit the ghost town is with a taxi. It should cost something between 8000-12000 drams (16-20 eur). It is up to the driver if he takes the risk to take you there. Although he/she says yes it can happen that the military stops you around Agdam and turns you back. Be careful, it is officially not allowed to visit the town for tourists as it is still considered as a war zone, although soldier and police do not seem to mind. It is possibly to save some money by taking a marshrutka to Askeran, from which a taxi should cost about 5000-6000 drams (10-12 euro).Best way to visit Agdam is by renting a car and driving around.The only way to get around is by taxi (or personal transport). Taxidrivers from Stepanakert or Askeran are often willing to drive you around town for some time.Virtually all the buildings of Agdam are destroyed, and driving through the ruins is a surrealistic experience most visitors to the area seek.The mosque in the historic center was, and still is, considered the main sight in Agdam, also appearing on Azerbaijani stamps.On the eastern road in north-south direction, some colourful murals can be seen.Climbing the minaret of the abandoned mosque in the center of town gives you a great panorama of the ruined city.Although many visitors visit without incident, the area is considered part of a war zone and is officially off-limits for tourists. There is a permanent military presence in the region, which can turn you around if you don’t exercise caution. If halted by the military, it might be best to play dumb, since there is no overt warning to visiting the region. Another (legal) tourist site, Tigranakert, is located in the same conflict zone. Be discreet when taking photographs and follow possible instructions given by your driver, who might know sensitive areas with military presence. To avoid your camera being conviscated, it might be wise to store your photographs on a separate memory card. Although UXO fields are marked and largely cleared, it is advised to exercise caution and generally unwise to stray off the main roads and into the buildings, also considering the poor state they are in.Although it does not seem like it, some people still live in Agdam, one of them has a small shop next to the main road into the town, stelling some food products.Although there are no stores in Agdam, wildlife has taken over and bushes of mulberries have sprouted in the area.It is wise to bring your own drinking water into the area, as there is no safe water available in Agdam.

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